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Florida Local Counsel Lawyer

Vast Experience Handling Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Litigation in South Florida and Beyond

Attorneys from out-of-state or outside of Palm Beach County can benefit greatly from having local counsel assist them with their intellectual property litigation in South Florida. The Florida local counsel lawyers at Perkins Law can prove invaluable with smart, strategic assistance in your patent, trademark or copyright litigation.

Local Counsel is Required to Appear in Federal Court

In federal court, attorneys who are not admitted to practice before the court can be admitted to appear in the case pro hac vice, but local counsel is still required. In fact, federal court rules require that the pro hac vice motion be submitted by co-counsel admitted to practice in the district. The motion must designate at least one member of the court’s bar who is authorized to file through the court’s electronic filing system, who can communicate with the court and opposing counsel, who can accept service of filings, and who maintains responsibility for electronically filing and serving through the CM/ECF. Local Counsel must be designated by name and contact information in the motion to appear pro hac vice.

Among their many court admissions, including the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, the attorneys at Perkins Law collectively are admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for the Southern, Middle and Northern Districts of Florida, as well as the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. We welcome the opportunity to serve as local counsel in your South Florida litigation.

Local Counsel Gives You Home-Court Advantage

If you don’t have the home-court advantage, it is likely the other side does, and not having local counsel places you at a distinct disadvantage. Local counsel knows the local court rules and customs. They know the judges and arbitrators likely to hear your case and can help you prepare accordingly. Local counsel will also know the best local resources to utilize for case preparation and litigation support during discovery and trial. Importantly, local counsel knows the community and the community members who will comprise the jury pool if your litigation involves a jury trial. Last but not least, local counsel likely knows (or is known by) the opposing counsel in your case, which can be vital for pre-suit mediation, settlement and trial preparation.

Contact Local Counsel for Your Florida Intellectual Property Litigation

If you are from outside South Florida or out of state, let our Florida intellectual property attorneys serve as your local counsel and assist you with important aspects of your case. Contact Perkins Law to learn more about how we can help you with your case.

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