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Florida Intellectual Property & Brand Protection Law Firm

Serving Clients Nationwide

L.A. Perkins is a veteran Florida intellectual property & brand protection attorney and community leader who has over 24 years of legal experience and a passion for helping businesses grow. At Perkins Law, we understand that you don’t need to be a technology company or an artist or inventor to own intellectual property. If you’re in business, you have intellectual property, and it needs protecting. Perkins Law is here to help you identify your intellectual property assets, protect your assets and make sure you are doing what’s necessary to maintain your IP asset, including enforcing your rights, so your business can grow and thrive on a solid foundation. With L.A. Perkins and her team behind you, you can be assured that your IP concerns will be handled diligently and effectively.

An IP Attorney Who Tries Cases

Whether your intellectual property matter involves litigation or not, having an experienced IP litigator on your case can be an enormous benefit toward meeting your goals and the plan of action. L.A. Perkins has litigated cases in federal and state courts for decades, including numerous jury trials. When it comes to litigating your IP issue in court, we understand from experience what works, what doesn’t, what you can enforce, and what you can’t. Always goal-oriented, we litigate to obtain specific objectives according to a well-formulated strategy.

Further, L.A. Perkins’ litigation experience means that when you are looking to register a copyright or trademark, we can help you fashion a registration that is protectable and enforceable and not just something that will be a headache for you down the line. We’re here for you with smart, dependable advice and assistance.

Bring Knowledge, Skills, and Experience to Your Team

L.A. Perkins is an experienced trial attorney with over 25 years of experience litigating cases in federal and state courts across the country. She is a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator with a background in both business and marketing who loves to work with growing businesses and apply her entrepreneurial skills. As a mediator, L.A. is committed to empowering parties to resolve their disputes in the most efficient and effective way possible, so they can put their problems behind them and get back to business.

Put our knowledge, skills, and experience to work for you. More than just acting as your lawyer when you have a problem, we are part of your team. We are here to guide you, strategize with you, and help you find the best way to accomplish your goals.

Comprehensive IP Law in Boca Raton and Beyond

Our intellectual property practice touches on every aspect of IP for clients in South Florida, statewide, or throughout the United States. Contact Perkins Law for help in any of the following areas:

Trademark Registration

Registering trademarks and service marks in Florida or nationwide to protect your business’ distinct products and services

Trademark Prosecution

Filling trademark and service mark applications with the USPTO for maximal protection throughout the United States

Trade Secret Protection

Enforcing invaluable rights under the Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

Copyright Registration

The process for registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office may seem relatively simple and straightforward, but there are important reasons to utilize legal help from the brand protection attorney at Perkins Law, including performing necessary due diligence to make sure your work is copyrightable and does not infringe on the works of any others.

IP Audits

Taking a comprehensive inventory of a company’s IP assets and identifying the steps that may be needed to protect them


Whether you are an artist, inventor, business owner, or entrepreneur, licensing agreements can be the chief way you choose to maximize the economic opportunities of your valuable work. We negotiate, draft and review licensing and assignment agreements that make the most of these opportunities while protecting your brand and valuable trade secrets.

Patent Litigation

Filing patent infringement lawsuits against parties unlawfully infringing a patent and defending clients who have been wrongfully accused of patent infringement.

Enforcement Actions

Perkins Law is ready to represent you and vigorously pursue or defend your rights regarding your valuable intellectual property and trade secrets. Our experienced litigator and her team handle copyright and trademark litigation, trade secret protection and other enforcement actions for plaintiffs and defendants.

Infringement Actions

Protecting a patent, trademark or copyright from infringement is often the chief worry for many holders of intellectual property. Whether you are seeking to prevent or stop infringement, or if you yourself are accused of infringing on another’s copyright, trademark or patent, our team provides experience and expertise to plaintiffs and defendants in mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Cease & Desist Letters

Litigation is not always the first or best response to a potential infringer on your patent, trademark or copyright. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve a dispute with a minimum outlay of time and expense for your business. If you are threatened by or threatened with copyright, trademark or patent infringement, Perkins Law will help you resolve the matter efficiently and effectively.

Computer Fraud & Abuse

Theft of trade secrets or other intellectual property or confidential information can severely damage a business. Computer crimes aren’t only performed by hackers in other countries infiltrating networks and mail servers. Employees within a company or third parties may access unauthorized computers or go beyond their authorized access to steal valuable information or damage internal systems. Florida and federal laws provide civil liability and money damages for computer fraud and abuse. Perkins Law can help you navigate this complicated field and vindicate your rights.


Helping stop counterfeiting at the earliest possible stage while protecting your trademark and obtaining compensation for any economic damage caused.

Unfair Competition

Enforcing rights under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and the federal Lanham Act and holding others accountable for false advertising, misappropriation of trade secrets, trade libel and more.

False Advertising

Competition is healthy, but not all businesses play fair. Florida and the Federal government have laws in place to prevent unfair competition due to practices such as false advertising that harm consumers as well as competing businesses. If you believe a competitor is engaged in deceptive or unfair business practices, or if you have been accused of unfair trade practices, Perkins Law can work to protect your rights, your good name, and the inestimable value of your brand.

Employment Agreements

We draft the right set of nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements and confidentiality agreements that are applicable to your business and apt to protect your valuable trade secrets and proprietary information.

Local Counsel

Attorneys from out-of-state or outside of Palm Beach County can benefit greatly from having local counsel assist them with their intellectual property litigation in South Florida. Perkins Law can prove invaluable with smart, strategic assistance in your patent, trademark or copyright litigation. Local counsel gives you the home-court advantage, and local counsel is required to appear in federal court.


Settling disputes out of court for a speedy and satisfactory outcome with the help of our Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

Intellectual Property Should Not Go Unprotected. Call Perkins Law Today.

From our office in Boca Raton, we are conveniently situated to serve Palm Beach County and the South Florida tech hub. Our practice is not limited geographically, however, and we are proud to serve clients across Florida and throughout the United States from coast to coast. Whether you have a pressing need for legal help or merely recognize the time is now for an audit of your intellectual property and a strategic IP business plan, call our office for immediate assistance. Our Florida intellectual property attorneys are ready to get started right away giving you the advice and support you need to protect your brand and your most valuable assets.

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"I had a great experience working with Perkins Law"

“I had a great experience working with Perkins Law. I have been in business for over 35 years and experienced hiring many attorneys for leases and other matters. Ms. Perkins is very… Read more

— Owner of clothing boutique
"I highly recommend L.A. Perkins without reservation"

I highly recommend L.A. Perkins without reservation. With Ms. Perkins’ valuable counsel, I was able to favorably resolve a litigation matter that was the source of a lot of stress for me. Read more

— Retired Professional Engineer, Boca Raton, Florida
"L.A. Perkins is a thorough and effective lawyer"

L.A. Perkins is a thorough and effective lawyer who is easy to talk to. She represented us when an employee stole our confidential business information and set up a competing business. With… Read more

— Alan Brill, President, Brill Hygienic Products Inc
"L.A. proved to be extremely knowledgeable"

I was referred to L.A. Perkins for her expertise in intellectual property law. To my delight and benefit, L.A. proved to be extremely knowledgeable. She demonstrated a strong commitment to educating and… Read more

— Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author and Lecturer
"I am proud to recommend Perkins Law to anyone"

L.A. Perkins served as my attorney for four years on a very complex and sensitive matter. I always felt my case was a priority. I have nothing but accolades and highest regards… Read more

— Manager in S. Florida
"I highly recommend L.A. Perkins"

Intellectual Property Attorney, L.A. Perkins, is a person of utmost integrity. She possesses an outstanding level of professionalism and is a person of excellence. Ms. Perkins was able to assist me in… Read more

— -S.K., Boca Raton, FL
"I could not have made a better decision going with L.A. Perkins"

This is my first time ever having to use an attorney for a situation that I was experiencing. I did a lot of research prior to selecting an attorney and I could… Read more

— Manager of a Hotel
L.A. Perkins, Esq Founder | CEO

L.A. Perkins, former President of the South Palm Beach County Bar Association, has more than 24 years of experience litigating cases in federal and state courts, including representing clients in jury trials. Ms. Perkins focuses her practice on counseling, litigation, and mediation in the areas of intellectual property law. She is a brand protection strategist and passionate about helping clients identify, protect, and enforce their intellectual property rights. Ms. Perkins has represented clients in a broad range of matters, including trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret, unfair competition, computer fraud, promotion and marketing disputes, and employment matters.

Ms. Perkins has represented clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and has served clients in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, internet marketing, fashion, pharmaceutical, hospitality, home health care, medical, publishing, and more. In addition to litigating cases in Florida, Ms. Perkins has litigated cases in California, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New York and Wisconsin.

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