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I highly recommend L.A. Perkins

By -S.K., Boca Raton, FL

Intellectual Property Attorney, L.A. Perkins, is a person of utmost integrity. She possesses an outstanding level of professionalism and is a person of excellence. Ms. Perkins was able to assist me in consultation regarding the sale of our United States Trademark. With Ms. Perkins’ guidance, I was able to substantially increase our negotiating position by sufficiently illustrating our Trademark’s proper value. The buyer’s offer was initially low. After consultation with Ms. Perkins, we saw the buyer’s offer price increase by 900%.

We were also able to close our Trademark deal with a cash closing, retained a partial territory ownership interest; as well as, a multi-year, layered, approach to the agreement that allowed residual income for our company’s stakeholders and inclusion in a future-forecasted business opportunity that would provide us with a leverage position for future earnings.

I highly recommend L.A. Perkins for anyone considering retaining her for expert guidance in the specialty area of Intellectual Property Law.

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