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Florida Intellectual Property Attorney > Boca Raton Intellectual Property Audit Lawyer

Boca Raton Intellectual Property Audit Lawyer

What intellectual property does your company own? Is it protected? Are you making the most of it? An IP audit can answer these questions for you and start you on the path of developing a plan to protect what is unprotected and maximize the value you could be getting from your valuable IP. The Boca Raton intellectual property audit lawyers at Perkins Law can get you started with a comprehensive audit of your company’s IP and can further assist you in any copyright or trademark registrations, trade secret protection, licensing agreements and other important action items identified by the audit. Call our office today to get started, and let us help you understand and manage your IP portfolio.

Why conduct an IP audit?

Your intellectual property may involve some of your most valuable assets, even if you aren’t a technology or R&D company. Regardless of the type of business you have, you likely have some IP you know about and some you haven’t even thought of. An IP audit will help ensure that all your IP is identified and properly protected. We can help you develop a strategy for registering your patents, trademarks and copyrights and protecting your trade secrets through confidentiality agreements, NDAs and other legal instruments.

An IP audit is an invaluable investment as it can help make your business more profitable and secure as you grow and expand. Protecting your IP is also essential for you to get full value in the event of a sale, franchise, lease or licensing agreement. Additionally, understanding where you stand with your intellectual property is vital if you find you need to pursue or defend an infringement action or other IP litigation.

What does an IP audit entail?

Our Boca Raton brand protection attorney and her team will custom tailor a comprehensive IP audit that meets your needs and matches your business and industry. Typical activities include reviewing policies and procedures, interviewing key staff, conducting an on-premises inspection, and preparing and reviewing questionnaires for employees, managers and business associates.

There is no exhaustive list of everything that may be considered or contain intellectual property. Some of the most typical types of IP include:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets
  • Formulas, processes, blueprints, drawings and designs
  • Customer lists and related information about customers
  • Lists of vendors and suppliers and related information about them
  • Sales forecasts, budgets
  • Business plans
  • Employment agreements, policies
  • Franchise agreements
  • Operating manuals

An IP audit involves identifying all of your intellectual property and determining whether it is currently well-protected or unprotected. If not well-protected, the audit will also include a plan for protecting those assets.

Get Your Boca Raton IP Audit Started Today

Call Perkins Law at 561-467-4001 or contact us online to schedule a consultation or get started with an IP audit. Always sensitive to your needs, we can prepare a written report and/or deliver our findings over the phone or in-person when aspects of the audit reveal confidential, proprietary or sensitive information.

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