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Florida Intellectual Property Attorney > Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Audit Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Audit Lawyer

Brand Protection begins by understanding what intellectual property assets you own. Once you understand the extent of your IP portfolio, you can take steps to protect your IP by completing the applicable registrations and executing appropriate agreements, as well as actively monitoring your brand and taking action against infringement, theft or unfair competition. You’ll also be able to maximize the economic opportunities inherent in your IP through beneficial licensing agreements. Everything starts with an IP audit. The Fort Lauderdale intellectual property audit lawyers at Perkins Law can conduct a comprehensive audit of your company’s intellectual property, taking a complete inventory, identifying gaps or deficiencies in IP ownership, and making sure you are fully protected and maximizing the financial opportunities available to you. Call Perkins Law today to schedule your IP audit and ensure your Fort Lauderdale business enterprise is doing what it should to manage your brand and secure your company’s intellectual property.

Fort Lauderdale IP Law Firm

No matter what your Fort Lauderdale IP audit uncovers, Perkins Law is equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to ensure your IP portfolio is protected to the maximum extent. We help businesses in Fort Lauderdale establish and protect their brand by conducting whatever IP-related activities are needed, including:

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Infringement Actions
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Patent and Trademark Litigation
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Employment Agreements
  • False Advertising
  • Unfair Competition

Perkins Law does not file patent applications (i.e., engage in patent prosecution); instead Perkins Law works with patent attorneys with varying science backgrounds who are able to assist if a patent application is necessary.

Call Perkins Law for your IP audit and professional assistance with any intellectual property issue in Fort Lauderdale.

Licensing Your Valuable Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property

A licensee has the limited use of a copyright, trademark or patent according to the terms of the licensing agreement, without fear of claims of infringement. The terms of the licensing agreement (or franchise or merchandising agreement) control the scope of the license, so it is critical this document be carefully and expertly prepared by an experienced intellectual property lawyer. Perkins Law drafts licensing agreements for your Fort Lauderdale business that make the most sense given your needs and goals. We’ll consider every component of a licensing arrangement as it regards your business plan. Some of the most critical components include the following:

  • Exclusivity – Granting an exclusive license is likely most attractive to the licensee and can enable you to make a more lucrative deal with the licensee, but it may limit your opportunities.
  • Duration – How long should the license last? Is the licensee a proven performer? If not, you may want to consider a license of more limited duration at first. However, having to renegotiate a license can be more costly if the licensee is successful.
  • Territory – Limiting the territory of a license gives you the ability to negotiate multiple licensing agreements in multiple territories. Consider the capabilities of your licensee to scale up operations and the pros and cons of using multiple licensees versus maintaining a more limited number of relationships.
  • Initial payments, royalties and renewal of licensing agreements are other important terms you’ll want to consider in licensing negotiations. Our experienced licensing attorney will consult and strategize with you at the outset so you are prepared to enter any licensing arrangement fully informed about what you should expect to achieve.

When sharing trade secrets is necessary for the economic success of you and your licensee (or assignee), we’ll take steps from the start to protect your Fort Lauderdale brand by drafting strong nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements and other documents that should help protect you from misappropriation. If theft of trade secrets is threatened or suspected, our experienced intellectual property litigators can represent you as needed to protect your rights and recover for any monetary damage, from seeking compliance through cease and desist letters to engaging in litigation as appropriate.

Perkins Law Is Your Source for Legal Help With Intellectual Property in Fort Lauderdale

Securing your intellectual property and protecting your brand are every bit as important as the goods or services at the heart of your business. You can’t have one without the other and expect your company to grow and thrive in a competitive or cutthroat market. Let Perkins Law handle the IP side of things so you can focus on the business side and do what you love. Call Perkins Law at 561-467-4001 to schedule your IP audit or for help with any urgent matter involving intellectual property in Fort Lauderdale.

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