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Florida Intellectual Property Attorney > Blog > Trademark Copyright Infringement > Report Marketing Agency Sues Elon Musk Over “X” Trademark

Report Marketing Agency Sues Elon Musk Over “X” Trademark


According to a report from Reuters, a Florida-based marketing agency has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Elon Musk over the “X” brand. X Social Media alleges that the now-rebranded social media platform “X”—formerly known as Twitter—is violating its trademark. Here, our Florida trademark attorney provides an overview of the key issues raised in this case.

The Complaint: Trademark Infringement 

Elon Musk’s X Corp—known as Twitter until earlier this year—is facing a lawsuit from a social media marketing company called “X Social Media.” The Florida-based marketing firm alleges that X Corp’s new name infringes upon its trademark and causes confusion in the mind of reasonable confusers. X Social Media specializes in mass-tort litigation advertising.

It is a notable case because it is the initial formal lawsuit that could signal the start of what is likely to be multiple trademark disputes over the use of the letter “X.” The letter “X” is a relatively  common element in tech branding. Elon Musk’s X Corp recently applied for trademark registration with the USPTO and other large companies, including Microsoft, having expressed concerns.

Analysis of Trademark Infringement: Confusion In the Mind of Consumer 

Trademark infringement claims are complicated. In order to establish infringement, the plaintiff must prove, among other things, that the allegedly offending mark is more likely than not to create confusion in the mind of a reasonable person (reasonable consumer). How do courts determine if a mark is likely to confuse consumers? There are a number of different factors that can be assessed. Some of the most notable examples include:

  • Similarity of Marks: As a starting, the basic similarity of the two marks in question matter. If two trademarks are visually, phonetically, or conceptually similar, it is significantly more likely that a reasonable consumer will be confused.
  • Proximity of the Goods or Services: Proximity matters—both in actual geographic area and in similarity between industries. If the competing goods or services are closely related or directly competitive, confusion is more probable.
  • Channels of Trade and Advertising: If two products are sold in the same stores or advertised in similar ways, it can contribute to consumer confusion. Confusion is more likely if two companies are direct competitors.
  • Consumer Sophistication: The level of sophistication of the target consumers influences the likelihood of confusion. More sophisticated consumers might be less likely to be confused.
  • Any Evidence of Actual Confusion: Finally, any actual evidence of confusion between consumers can be raised in a trademark infringement claim. Actual incidents of consumer confusion strongly support a claim that infringement has occurred.

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