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Google Latest Tech Company Hit With AI-Related Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


According to a report from Creative Bloq (CB), Google has been the latest tech company to face a copyright infringement lawsuit over its image generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The proposed class action copyright infringement claim argues that Google’s ImagenAI engaged in massive copyright infringement in its training. Here, our Boca Raton copyright infringement attorney provides an overview of the lawsuit and explains where it fits in with other litigation.

The Lawsuit: Artists Content Copyright Infringement By Google in AI Training 

Google has found itself embroiled in a class action lawsuit. A group of artists contend the Silicon Valley tech giant infringed on their IP rights by misusing copyright-protected materials to train its image generation AI technology (ImagenAI). The plaintiffs argue that Google’s collection of data from online sources for AI training (without authorization) violates their rights.

A Broader Trend in Copyright Law: Many Tech Companies Facing Copyright Claims 

The proposed class action lawsuit against Google is part of a broader trend in 2024. Many tech companies with AI-based image generation tools are facing copyright infringement claims. The broader implications of these legal battles could set precedents for how copyrighted materials are used in training AI.

Understanding the Key Legal Issues at Stake in these Copyright Law Claims 

AI training is currently at the forefront of copyright law. There are serious questions about the legality of companies using copyright protected material—whether text or images—to train their models. In many ways, it is a novel legal question. Here are some key issues:

  • Mass Data is Used to Train AI Models: AI image generation models—DALL·E, ImagenAI, etc—rely on vast datasets of existing images to learn and generate new visuals. The crux of these IP lawsuits is whether using that data for training constitutes fair use or whether it infringes on copyright.
  • Legal Precedent Must Be Set: The outcomes of these lawsuits could set important legal precedents for the use of copyrighted material in AI training. Defendants often argue that their use of the data is transformative—which is a central requirement of fair use. On the other hand, plaintiffs argue that the volume of data and the direct nature of copying for training undermines the fair use claim.
  • Major Implications for Artists, Creative Industries, and Tech Companies: Artists and photographers are particularly concerned that their work is being used without compensation or control over how it is utilized. To be clear, this affects not only individual creators but also larger entities who have had their catalogs used to train AI without a valid licensing agreement. Of course, there are also big implications for AI training. Courts or regulators may determine that a licensing agreement is needed to train an AI on copyright protected material.

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