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Florida Intellectual Property Attorney > Blog > Copyright Registration > Massive Chip Maker Nvidia Named in Generative AI Copyright Lawsuit

Massive Chip Maker Nvidia Named in Generative AI Copyright Lawsuit


According to a report from Fox Business, Nvidia—the massive manufacturer of graphics processors (computer chips)—is facing a copyright infringement for its role in “generative AI”—specifically in regards to its own LLM called “NeMo.” Three authors contend that the tech giant committed copyright infringement by using protected material in AI training. It is one of many ongoing legal issues regarding artificial intelligence and intellectual property (IP) law. Within this blog post, our Florida copyright litigation attorney discusses the lawsuit and potential implications.

The Generative AI Revolution Made Nvidia One of the World’s Largest Companies 

From a short-term and medium-term commercial perspective, Nvidia has been one of the big winners of the generative AI revolution. With explosive growth over the past two years, the California-headquartered chipmaker has become one of the largest companies in the entire world. As of March of 2024, its market capitalization is $2.2 trillion—behind only Microsoft and Apple among U.S. companies. The surge is largely attributed to Nvidia’s dominance in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) market. GPUs are hardware that are essential for generative AI applications.

Copyright Lawsuit: Copyright Protected Data Used to Train Nvidia’s NeMo 

Nvidia faces a copyright lawsuit over its NeMo generative AI framework. The company has been accused by three authors of using their copyrighted works without permission in order to train its AI models. The lawsuit centers on Nvidia’s use of a dataset that is known to contain copyrighted materials for training its Megatron large language model (LLM). Plaintiffs in the case are currently seeking class action status and they are seeking financial compensation for the damages. Notably, The New York Times is currently locked in similar copyright infringement litigation with OpenAI—the Microsoft owned company that is the market leader in the generative AI space.

U.S. Courts are Expected to Make Key Rules in Generative AI and Copyright Law in 2024 

In 2024, United States federal courts are expected to play a big role in shaping the intersection of generative AI and copyright law—particularly regarding the use of copyrighted content for AI training. It is a very complex, thorny, and still-unresolved issue. Our federal courts have yet to decide how traditional copyright laws apply to the training of AI models. The decisions made could establish significant precedents. It could even redefine copyright boundaries in the era of artificial intelligence. While federal courts could give technology companies significant latitude to use copyright protected material in their training data without authorization from the copyright holder, they could also rule in other direction.

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